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Evidence-based practice: Knowledge, skills, attitudes, and barriers among nurse educators.


Rosario Agnes M. Basat,
Florence L. Pulido,
Angelica Joy N. Abad,
Ronilyn A. Alvarez,
Ruz Laika B. Bonayon,
Caezar Ian B. Cadag,
Agaton S. Felizardo,
Kristina A. Gines,
Monica Grace C. Lucena,
Cheyene A. Manayos,
Emmanuel T. Rodriguez,
Mary Louise Irah L. Uera

Related Institution

School of Nursing - Saint Louis University, SLU

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Report


Evidence-based practice among nurse educators contributes to the quality of health care rendered in making decisions about patient care. Quantitative, descriptive Design; Questionnaire was used to collect data from the 5 different nursing schools in Baguio City; Enumeration (N=79). The research was approved by the Ethics Review Board (ERB) of the participating schools. Statistical treatment of F-test, one way ANOVA and SPSS. Information learned from training was the best source of knowledge on EBP and least source is on the ways that they have done it before. Nurse educators are competent however with unsure attitude on the use of EBP. There was no significant difference in the extent of skills and attitude with the use of EBP according to years of experience and educational attainment. Insufficient resources to implement EBP, insufficient time at workplace to implement changes in their current practice; and inability to understand statistical terms used in research articles are the top barriers identified; while inadequate understanding of research terms used in research articles and difficulty in determining the applicability of research findings are the least barriers identified. Training is the best source of knowledge. Time, commitment, resources and application while integrating in syllabus and instructional materials are significant for EBP. Workshops offering updates on evaluation and application of findings EBP should be utilized in clinical duties and prepare future nurses on the use of EBP.


The study determined the sources of knowledge, extent of skills and attitude, the significant difference in the skills and attitude among nurse educators according to (a) years of teaching experience, (b) educational attainment and the barriers affecting the nurse educators in utilizing evidence-based practice.

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